Cloth Diaper Myths, BUSTED!

Are you horrified at the thought of dealing with Cloth Diapering?  I was!  I had no idea what cloth diapering was really all about.  The only regret I have is that I didn't do it with my first, 15 years ago!

Read on to see all these myths busted!

Cloth diapers are too expensive.  FALSE
Cloth Diapering can save you over $2000 by the time your baby is potty trained.  If you use expensive diapers or have a later potty trainer, you can reach a savings of up to even $3,000. by the time it’s all said and done!  You can can cloth diaper your baby for up to 3 years for as little as $150.
You have to dunk cloth diapers in the toilet.  FALSE
This was one of the reasons I had no desire to cloth diaper.   I've never dunked a diaper in the toilet once since using cloth.  When the poop is solid you can simply plop it off into your toilet.  Any soft waste that remains, can be left in the diaper and tossed in the pail, it will wash clean in the washer.  Our washing machines empty into the same place our toilets do, don't forget that!  If you are not comfortable with the idea of washing any left over waste there are diaper sprayers that attach to the water source of your toilet that install in minutes.  They allow you to simply spray off the poop into the toilet.  Easy as pie!  I use one myself and love it.

Cloth diapers are not sanitary.  FALSE
Do you find it necessary to sterilize your underpants?  Probably not.  Cloth diapers need to be clean, of course.  But, washing them in your washing machine is absolutely sufficient and safe. 

Cloth diapers are awkward to put on .  FALSE
Cloth diapers have evolved over the last 20 years.  They are now as simple as using disposables, if you choose the newer styles.  In my opinion they’re even easier, as there are are no sticky tabs to deal with.  Even the old school versions with prefolds and covers have been updated.  They no longer require pins.  Check out all the different types of diapers here:  Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers leak, so I will have to change my baby more.  FALSE
I have found to have less issues with diapers leaking since using cloth.   Ever had a blow out poo poo diaper that ended up all over your baby's clothes and up his back?  I haven't since using cloth!  Cloth diapers fit snug around the thighs and waist keeping even the messiest poo poos inside.

Cloth diapers and diaper pails smell.  FALSE
Cloth Diapers don’t stink any more than disposables.  If you store them properly you wont smell them while they wait for wash day either.  Wet Bags are the ideal way to store diapers, keeping the wet and smell inside.  They’re even fashionable and become a part of your nursery and diaper bag décor!

Cloth diapering is more time consuming and I’ll have to use a diaper service.  FALSE
Cloth Diapering is no more time consuming than adding up to 2 loads of laundry to your week.  Depending on your diaper stash, you can go up to a week before washing! 

Cloth diapering uses more water and energy.  FALSE
Have you ever considered how much water and energy it takes manufacturing disposable diapers?  Not to mention the fossil fuels and trees used to create the paper pulp and plastics.  Then, it continues with the packaging and transportation of the diapers.  And after all that, a disposable diaper is thrown into a landfill, taking up to 500 years to decompose.  It’s literally throwing money, energy and resources into our trash cans. 

I’ll never be able to leave the house in a cloth diaper.  FALSE
They make small versions of wet bags to store diapers in until you arrive home.  You won’t even know it’s in your diaper bag!  I’ve even traveled and used cloth diapers on a 1,000 mile car ride.  No problem. 

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